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What I can?

These are the services I offer.


From the design of a lightweight site to more complex corporate sites, I can help you.

Front-End Developing

While I am specialized on Webdesign, I also become better and better in developing Front-End solutions.

User Experience

Besides a perfect design, the experience behind it is the backbone. The best experience is my goal.

What I did?

Here a selection of my work.

Vision of the future in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Junghans Portraits


Experiments with Rollei 35


Three-Course Menu


Website Relaunch


Das Wurzelgemüse


Messerscharfe Rezepte


Who am I?

The people I worked with

  • 2009

    Laterna Magica Filmproduktion

    Frankfurt am Main

    At Laterna Magica I made my first steps in to the big world of advertising. I learned the basic workflows of organizing and producing an advert for TV.

  • 2010

    Schitto Schmodde Werbung

    Frankfurt am Main

    Schitto Schmodde was the first ad oriented agency I worked at. Support and work on local customers was my main task. I got to know the tools and principles of good advertising.

  • 2011

    Hessischer Rundfunk

    Frankfurt am Main

    The Hessischer Rundfunk is the local TV-Station of Hesse. The World of TV-Production is vivid. While I saw the major conpartments of this big institutions, I learned a lot about the complexity of the bigger projects.

  • 2012

    Flächenbrand - Brandbuilding


    Flächenbrand is specialized on building and developing brands and products of brands. I was able to see and take act at the difficult process of building a design of a new bottle.

  • 2014-2016

    D&B Interactive

    Frankfurt am Main

    D&B Interactive is a digital Full-Service Agency. Here started my interest for world of Webdesign, User-Experience-Design and everything around what is capable in the Web today.

  • 2016-today


    Frankfurt am Main

    At MRM//McCann I am specialized on Front-End Web-Developing. This builds a great synergy to designing interfaces and Webdesign as a whole.

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